Camping Food

One Night Camping – Lunch, dinner, Beverage, Breakfast

Include Price : Dinner, Beverage and Breakfast :

  • Lunch
Name Photos
Fried Rice DSC_0088.MOV -
Spaghetti  one-pot-chicken-alfredo-everydaydishes_com-H
  • Dinner and Barbecue :
Name Photos
Chicken Kebab Skewers
Chicken Wings DSC_0080.MOV -
Vegetable Skewers  grill_0
Corn Skewers IMG_9308
Pork Shoulder DSC_0137.MOV -
Mash mellow campfire marshmallows.jpg.838x0_q67_crop-smart
 Sausage  20120529-food-lab-cooking-sausage-hot-dog-13
  • Breakfast :
Name Photos
Espresso Coffee DSC_0404.MOV -
Bacon and Eggs 19955765_793311944174048_1734133800704671744_n (1)
Jam and Toast
  • Beverage :
    • Cola
    • Water

Exclude Price

  • Beer
Name Price (1box :24 bottle)
1. Asahi Super Dry Bottles 330mL Asahi Super Dry Bottles 330mL A$59
2. Corona Extra Beer Bottles 355mL Corona Extra Beer Bottles 355mL A$62
3. Victoria Bitter Bottles 375mL Victoria Bitter Bottles 375mL A$57
4. Heineken Lager Bottles 330mL Heineken Lager Bottles 330mL A$60
5. Furphy Refreshing Ale Bottles 375mL Furphy Refreshing Ale Bottles 375mL A$63
6. Coopers Sparkling Ale 375mL Coopers Sparkling Ale 375mL A$70
7. Coopers Pale Ale Bottles 375mL Coopers Pale Ale Bottles 375mL A$58
 8. Fat Yak Original Pale Ale 345mL Yak Ales Fat Yak Original Pale Ale 345mL A$65

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