The Grampians, 3 Days Camping (Weekend)

Price: A$140/ person (at least 5 people)

Location: The Grampians National Park


What if a backpacker would like to experience camping in Australia but there is no camping equipment, do not miss this camping!
In addition, you can have to experience free testing wine in the beautiful winery.
We will provide all the necessary camping equipment, including tents, BBQ stove, take the car to go back and come back, five meals, campfire, drinking water and Energy Towel for washing. (except for drink, and booking fee for campsite, But you can BYO if you need )

Itinerary and schedule

  • 1st day
    • St Anne’s Winery
    • Camping site at the Grampians
  • 2nd day
    • Trekking at Pinnacle
    • the-pinnacle_gra-u_918098_1600x900
    • Boroka Lookout
    • McKenzie Falls
    • DSCF7189.jpg
    • Reeds Lookout
    • Campfire
  • 3rd day
    • Breakfast
    • Mt Stpylton Walk
    • Melton Station

Special Offer

  • Free Qualified snap photograph (20-30 cut)

Momentale_logo@2x Stories:  Party Night in Forest with Camping on 2-3 Sep 2017

Momentale_logo@2x Stories:  Camping Story at the Grampians

  • Free Qualified video clip for each private group (1~5min)

Youtube@2x Youtube: Camping in Victoria – Party Night in Forest -(2nd-3rd Sep 2017)

  • 1 Free energy towel for each person (it worth $3)

Youtube@2x Youtube: Energy Towel Concept

Detail Information

(You can see the map, description and photos)


Meeting Time (on Friday)

  • Join at 2PM Southern Cross Station or 3PM Melton Station (on Friday)

Destination ( make decision with poll )

  • Stapylton Campground ($8/day/person)
  • Plantation Campground ($4/day/person)

What you can do

  • Trekking, drinking, dancing, Kayaking (ask us)


What exclude

  • Bring your own sleeping bag
    • If you haven’t let us know, we can hire it for $10
  • Cost of Campsite booking :
    • Stapylton Campground ($8/day/person)
    • Plantation Campground ($4/day/person)
  • If you want to drink liquor, let us know what you want. we’ll bring it.
    • 1 bottle beer 🍺for A$4: Furphy 375mL (Ale)
    • 1 bottle Wine 🍷for A$19: Cabernet Sauvignon / St. Ann’s (Red) 750mL

Need to

  • Winter time: Winter Jacket
  • Summertime: Wind Jacket