Party Night in Forest with 1 Night Camping

Price: A$90/ person (at least 3 people)

Type : Private / 1 night 2 days / by Car
Location: Wambat State Forest (1 hour from Melbourne city)


This camping event is all about drinking, dancing, and relaxing in the forest.
Most people who are involved will be backpackers from different countries age around 25-35.
The total price will be $90 including free **beers 🍺and food🍢.
We will enjoy flame with a campfire and loud music in a private area which is no one else but us.
The event will be ended at 5 AM, then start to pack it up at 10 AM, sleeping area will be provided, and divide 3 different sections for campers convenience.
If anyone who interested about this event, please hit the interesting button (not going button please) so we will contact asap.
Hope to see you guys in our crazy camping party!


1st day

  • 3:30PM – Melton Station on Saturday (Melton Rail Station )
  • 4:30PM – Winery (Optional)
  • 5:30PM – Hiking at Trentham Falls
  • 7:30PM – Party Night in Wombat Forest

2nd day

  • 8:30AM – Breakfast
  • 10AM – Packing
  • 12:30PM – Melton Station

Detail Information

(You can see the map, description and photos)

* Momentale_4850

What you can bring

  • Extra Drink
  • Sleeping Bag (we hire sleeping bag up to 4 person if you needed)

What include

  • Dinner: cup noodle, marsh mellow, sausage barbecue
  • Breakfast: bread, egg and jam
  • Drink ( You can BYO but please let us know first )
    • Five bottles free beer for each person

What exclude

  • Visiting Winery and wine tasting ($5)


You can book with Eventbrite or bank transfer
  1. Eventbrite : Buy Booking ticket: $20
  2. Bank transfer :
    • Make payment  $20 and send us the screenshot of your payment.
      • Bank Account : Commonwealth
      • BSB : 063151
      • Account : 1044 4127
      • Account Name : Byoungjae Lee


  1. Please join our facebook group for any updating information and public notification.


  1. A full refund will be done if you make cancellation 7 days in advance.
  2. The event might be canceled if not reach 5 people, and your payment will be full refunded.

About us

Greeting all of you guys … We are the group of people who are not the professional tour guide but do adventure guide for the small group of people to share experience and the story.

We would like to bring you our “Adventure Camping” which will give you guys more experience and the story you can share with.

Wish all you have the moment you imagine and leave everything behind you don’t need to carry on for next move in here with us.

-Adventure in Victoria

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